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Halloween Candy and Bite Sized Learning

On this Halloween eve I am thinking
about (and of course eating) candy. Like many people I tend to take a treat
from the various bowls around the office, a Hersey’s Kiss® from here, a MaryJane®
from there.Read more

Alphabet Soup of Technology

I recently attended a meeting of
the local Kansas City “LIG” of the itSMF-USA.  itSMF-USA is a
membership-based, IT Service Management professional forum with over 40 Local
Interest Groups (“LIG”s) in the US, and affiliated groups globally.  Read more

Two Studies (Large and Small) Support Online Learning Effectiveness

It’s not unusual to run into people who listen politely to

my spiel about how great online learning is, and then ask “the” question:  is it as effective as classroom training?  It’s a loaded and somewhat unfair question
(from my point of view); loaded because it suggests the classroom is the gold
standard against which all other forms of learning are judged, and unfair
because it’s too broad to be meaningful.Read more


Many training organizations I speak with are intrigued by
Enterprise 2.0 technologies and their promises for creating a viral
collaborative community within the organization.  At last count, there
were more than 400 companies out there touting ‘e2.0 technologies’ … everything
from wiki and blog products, to products that promise a safe Facebook-like or
Twitter-like platform that can be rolled out behind your firewall.Read more

Workplace Learning: the new “Classroom without Walls”

I was assembling a piece of “big box” furniture for my guest
room last week, and the experience presented a metaphor for job-related
learning.  (It helps to break out of our
traditional assumptions about professional development and observe what happens
in everyday life, where we’re actually learning all the time.)

In this case, I thought about how my learning process
started, well before I opened the box and spread the pieces of my purchase over
the guest room floor. Read more

What a Birdy Told Me

I have already acknowledged an addiction to Twitter. And, I am happy to write that I have found yet another reason to love the site. Twitter allows me access to events that I cannot attend.

The # sign is a powerful thing in Twitter-ville.Read more

Fall CLO Symposium


I’ve just spent three great days in Colorado Springs attending CLO’s 2009 Fall Symposium on Peak Performance: Pushing Your Enterprise to the Top. It was a great chance to spend time with top training and development professionals from around the country and hear their thoughts on the issues and concerns that are foremost in their minds.Read more