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Halloween Candy and Bite Sized Learning

On this Halloween eve I am thinking
about (and of course eating) candy. Like many people I tend to take a treat
from the various bowls around the office, a Hersey’s Kiss® from here, a MaryJane®
from there. (By the way, check out this great interactive Hershey’s
where you can build a custom Kiss and email it to a pal.) For
some reason, stopping to enjoy some bite-size bits throughout the day seems
perfectly acceptable.  Of course I wouldn’t dream of eating an entire
regular size candy bar.  That would be fattening! So much for logic.

In some ways we’ve seen a similar
trend in learning.  Many learners are put off by the idea of a “regular
size” course.  Two-three hours seems like an awfully long time in the
middle of a busy work day.  But a smaller serving of learning that’s right
at your fingertips is fine.  In the past several years SkillSoft has
introduced a number of learning assets that are shorter in duration than
traditional courses, and the response from customers has been a resounding
“More please!”  So, you’ll see SkillSoft continue to produce a stream of
learning products that fit into our learners’ hectic schedules, everything from
one-hour courses to the diminutive Learning Sparks.  And of course we’ll
continue to expand our on-demand resources such as Books24x7 collections and
Leadership Development Channel—great for quick answers and inspiration.

Don’t get me wrong, our customers
still want and need in-depth learning resources to support compliance,
certification and other mission-critical needs.  Just like every once in a
while I give in to the urge for the full size Baby Ruth® (and be sure to take a
moment and give in to the urge to check out this hysterical Baby Ruth

By: Julie Ogilvie

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