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So many emails, so little time: Read the ones that matter

We all get so much email these days; we have a work email
address, a home email address, and other varied and sundry accounts to manage
such as FaceBook and Twitter.  Although
spam filters help with some of the true junk mail, I know that I still get a
lot of things I barely read.

Once in a while, a great summary update comes along and I
just LOVE it when it shows up in my inbox.
If you do not subscribe to the alert email in Books24X7 titled “Books24x7
New Title Notification” it is the one email I absolutely love to get.  It feels like a virtual trip to the
neighborhood book store.  The email
originates as a Books24x7 subscriber, checking the boxes for topics that are
important to the individual.  I
personally love only getting titles that matter to me.  It shows little icons of the newly released
titles that are on Books24X7.  Running
through it takes all of 45 seconds to see what is new in my area of interest.  It helps me stay current on things happening
in areas that matter to me.

One day recently, I was scrolling through the titles I saw
the photo of a colleague of mine who recently recorded a “Quick Talk” for the Leadership
Development Channel
series.  Pamela Meyer
is an author and business owner who also teaches at DePaul University, which is
where I met her.  It gave me a great
reason to connect with her and catch up.
It was also great to see what she had to say.  I also find books I want to dive more deeply
into for my personal and professional needs, all in a short time frame.  If you do not get this email weekly, be sure
you go to your Books24x7 profile (Click the “Settings” tab then click “Email
Options”) and set one up.  It is a great
“coffee break”!

By: Lori Neblung

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