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Thanksgiving – The Perfect Mix

Thanksgiving is before us. I cannot believe it. It is time
to mix family, food, wine, laughter, and likely a few age old family stories
that can’t seem to go untold. It should be a really fun time; seeing family
that you haven’t seen in a while; catching up with friends and loved ones.Read more

Be The Market Surprise

Much of the conversations we get engaged in with customers often involve
discussion of “How did other companies do it?” – discussions around
benchmarking processes.  Yet most of the emerging ideas in leadership and
talent development we hear from eminent thinkers, researchers and writers warn
of benchmarking to mediocrity. Read more

Taking a Different Road

So many of us commute to work each day. We go over bridges,
through tunnels, take highways. We seldom think about it, beyond hoping that
there isn’t a huge traffic jam that will make us late.

Reading about the closure – and reopening – of the Bay
Bridge in California started me thinking about my commute and the roads I take
to work every day.Read more

Epiphany on iTouch

OK, let’s first establish the context – I am a Baby Boomer
(well, really, on the very youngest
edge of that generational divide).  My
peers think that I’m a technology genius since I work in elearning, after all –
but really I feel that I’m falling behind every day. Read more

Nice to meet you, can’t wait to learn from you!

you have lunch with the same people you’ve been having lunch with for five
years, you’ll probably have the same conversations you’ve been having for five
years.  Have lunch with someone new!  You both might learn
something!”  – Tom Peters

of the most fascinating and intellectually fun people I know are constantly
meeting and interacting with new people. Read more

Cloudy with a chance of clear skies ahead

Between blog
posts by book publisher Tim O’Reilly,
and the recent announcement by Google
about the pending release of the Google Editions ebook store, there has been a
lot of talk recently about “books on the cloud” and the concept of a “cloud
library.”  The terms are borrowed from the broader “cloud computing”
concept, which encompasses a wide range of managed services, including;
software as a service (SaaS), software on demand, and platform as a service
(PaaS) technologies.Read more

e-learning 101

e-learning can provide benefits at all levels of an organization. Because I work in the industry, the benefits are obvious to me. But recent blog posts by two of my colleagues, Rachel and Julie got me thinking about those benefits again and about the fact that maybe some of them aren’t so obvious to the rest of the world.Read more