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e-learning can provide benefits at all levels of an organization. Because I work in the industry, the benefits are obvious to me. But recent blog posts by two of my colleagues, Rachel and Julie got me thinking about those benefits again and about the fact that maybe some of them aren’t so obvious to the rest of the world. So for my second blog post, I thought for my second post a little return to basics might be in order.

For learners, e-learning resources provide the ultimate in self-service education. E-learning resources are “always on” allowing learners to access materials where and when it best suits their schedules and their learning needs. A diverse library of learning assets also means that learners can choose the best learning modality to match their learning style. And because learners can return to materials over time, they can review and refresh their learning from other e- or live learning experiences increasing the impact of all your training efforts.

From an organization standpoint, e-learning can often provide a cost-effective means for increasing the impact of training within your organization by making resources available to more people. Workshops, seminars, and other classroom-based training options can be highly effective . . . but they can also be costly and they require learners to spend time away from the job. As a result, you may have to limit participation in these live events to a select portion of your audience. With e-learning you can provide learning materials to more of your audience with minimal disruption of their work.

Obviously these are just a few of the benefits to using e-learning within an organization. What other benefits of e-learning are important to your learners or to your learning organization?

Next week I’ll be heading off to present at Learning 2009 in Orlando Florida. I’m looking forward to spending time immersed in the great learning culture and learning from and sharing with my colleagues. If you’re there, look me up. We can compare notes . . . or hit the rides!

By: Tim Hildreth

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