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Epiphany on iTouch

OK, let’s first establish the context – I am a Baby Boomer
(well, really, on the very youngest
edge of that generational divide).  My
peers think that I’m a technology genius since I work in elearning, after all –
but really I feel that I’m falling behind every day.  I asked for an iTouch TM for my last birthday so
that I can read MapQuest on the big screen to find my way around, and because I
love the way you can zoom in on photos with that finger-stretch action.  Last night, after a ten hour day of working
on my laptop, I shifted from my home office to the living room sofa to
transition to “leisure time.”  (There
really is a connection to learning coming soon.)

The home page of my iTouch has a YouTube icon.  As a way of getting acquainted with my
iTouch, I was systematically  tapping all
the icons and menus, including YouTube.  I’ve launched very few YouTube videos,
because I’ve not been too interested in the Dancing
and other “educational” subjects you hear about on the evening news.  But I eventually tapped the “Most Viewed”
icon and what came to the top of the list was a video called “Carl Sagan – A Glorious Dawn
(Cosmos Remixed).  Now this title
appealed to my passion for academic inquiry, and so I launched.

The music, the images – captivating.  I mean, a DJ re-re-remix, you know? But
within, the pearls of wisdom: “If you
wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
”  I’m mesmerized by the quality of the
image on the screen, the clarity of sound through the ear-buds: “A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise, but
a galaxy rise – a morning filled with four hundred billion suns, the rising of
the Milky Way.”
poetry and thought, together in the palm of my hand: “The surface of the earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean; recently
we’ve waded in, and the water seems inviting…”

Leisure, learning, recreation, learning, music, learning, imagery, learningblended til the boundaries are impossible to

(This being my own poetry, almost as mystical as Carl
Sagan’s.)  The point, dear reader, is
that the immediacy of the learning
opportunity is what drew me into my learning moment.  And so we observe the very equal importance
of content and delivery.

This is the idea behind SkillSoft learning
.  Portlets bring access to
learning out of the Learning Management System and into the familiar online
sites where employees already spend time.
In the course of day-to-day work, an employee is one click away from
problem-solving information or personal enrichment.  With all the priorities competing for the
time and attention of today’s knowledge worker, convenient access is as
critical as engaging content.

By: Darlene Frederick

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