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you have lunch with the same people you’ve been having lunch with for five
years, you’ll probably have the same conversations you’ve been having for five
years.  Have lunch with someone new!  You both might learn
something!”  – Tom Peters

of the most fascinating and intellectually fun people I know are constantly
meeting and interacting with new people.  We once spent an hour with Patrick Dixon as he stood in front of a
camera and provided stacks of incredible stories and insights one after another
on highly divergent topics and never once repeated himself.  I asked him
later where in the world with all of his touring and lecturing did he have time
to do research?  He explained his lecturing and traveling was his
research.  He gets invited to all varieties of industry meetings and
conferences, and as a result shares meals and conversations with players at all
levels in banking, in trade, in technology, in politics, in climate change, and
much more.  And he doesn’t claim to be an expert in any of these
disciplines but approaches each event and conversation with an open and
inquiring mind.

has a marvelous story in which he was attending a financial trade conference
and having dinner with some top executives.  Around the table, each was
explaining their role in the banking industry and after one gentleman provided
a lengthy and complicated explanation of his work in derivatives trading,
Patrick asked, “I don’t mean to impolite, but do you understand what you
do?”  The gentleman paused and said, “It’s true, what I do has become so
complicated even I don’t always understand it.  Sometimes if I take a
shower and have a brisk walk and clear my mind, if my boss were to call me at
that moment I could clearly explain our derivatives product.”

used that interaction and story to share in later presentations on the value of
trust and compliance.  The tip here is: get out of your comfort zone, have
new conversations and don’t be afraid to ask a provocative question or
.  Good luck!

Shawn Hunter


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