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Taking a Different Road

So many of us commute to work each day. We go over bridges,
through tunnels, take highways. We seldom think about it, beyond hoping that
there isn’t a huge traffic jam that will make us late.

Reading about the closure – and reopening – of the Bay
Bridge in California started me thinking about my commute and the roads I take
to work every day. What if a road closed? Would I know another way to work? Can
I even get there another way?

This is the sort of thing that happens at work every day. I
have to solve a problem. I start down one path to do so and realize, at some
point, that perhaps the method I’m embarking on will not get me the result I
want.  So, I have to re-orient my
thinking – take a different road – to get me the result I want.

The trick to being able to do that successfully is having
the knowledge of the resources around me that can be used to solve the problem.
A project going off the tracks? Perhaps a quick refresher on managing projects
would help me get the endeavor back on track.
Can’t create a pivot table in Excel? Reading a few lines of a book on Excel
2007 would walk me through the steps.

So, in essence, I spend every work day finding the right
road – the right path – to get me where I need to go.  In this context – the work context – I am good
on my feet. I can toggle between doing my job and finding an answer pretty
easily. I know what tools I have – courses, books, videos – and I know how to
find them via SkillPort and use them.  Sadly, in my car… well… I have a bad sense of
direction.  If someone closed my road to
work, I’d sit there until it reopened. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a GPS.

By: Rachel Levine

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