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Thanksgiving – The Perfect Mix

Thanksgiving is before us. I cannot believe it. It is time
to mix family, food, wine, laughter, and likely a few age old family stories
that can’t seem to go untold. It should be a really fun time; seeing family
that you haven’t seen in a while; catching up with friends and loved ones. And
yet, the holidays often become very stressful; overwhelming… so many moving

Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like I’m writing
about something other than Thanksgiving? We spend a lot of time at SkillSoft
discussing our assets; and we have many of them! It’s like a huge Thanksgiving
meal; so much food, so little time. So, what is someone supposed to do when it
gets confusing?

SkillSoft KnowledgeCenters aggregate relevant data around a
subject, so learners can gain access to courses, Books24x7, Business Impact and
Challenge Series titles, mentoring, Learning Sparks, Learning Roadmaps, and
other assets. And, it’s all about one subject – leadership, management, project
management, Oracle, Six Sigma, Java, and many, many others. So, in essence,
KnowledgeCenters provide only the assets you need around a particular subject.

Now, wouldn’t that be nice for Thanksgiving? My Thanksgiving
KnowledgeCenter would include all the great food, some family (but not all!),
good friends, wine, a beautiful sunny day, and perhaps a time limit, so it’s
not awkward when it’s time to say goodnight.
I’d leave out the family drama, the arguments that tend to resurface
around the holidays, and the guilt associated with not getting to see everyone
who I’d like to see.

I’ve just described my ideal Thanksgiving in a package.
That’s what a KnowledgeCenter is. It’s a universe of learning around one topic,
where every asset is handpicked just for you!

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble!

By: Rachel Levine

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