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The Purpose Driven Leader – Rick Warren on Peter Drucker

social and global problem is a business opportunity in disguise.” – Peter

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Peter Drucker Centennial conference in Vienna,
Austria and had the incredible opportunity to interview and film world thinkers
and leaders who were there celebrating and discussing Peter Drucker’s legacy
and the future of management and business in the world.  Read more

The Blessing of Abundance

How many courses do you really need in a course
catalog?  100? 1,000? 10,000?

The real answer is simple. One.  You need only need the
one course that fits the mission at that point in time.  Read more

Marketing is an Invitation to Learn

I am so fortunate
to work with talented and articulate professionals.  I am amazed at the level of talent in the
Learning Consultant organization.  One of
our Learning Consultants, Beth Brock, wrote an article on marketing for the
ASTD magazine  Getting the Word Out.Read more