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Are You Greening Your Training Strategy? E Learning is Eco-friendly.

By Darlene Frederick

Since today is Earth Day, it’s a good time to ask this question: Are you consciously applying green thinking in the way you design and implement training programs?  Considering the number of your company’s employees whom you touch each year with training management systems, practicing and promoting green training can demonstrate a practical commitment to support your organization’s “Ecological Intelligence.”  Daniel Goleman, author of the now-classic Emotional Intelligence, coined the new phrase to describe how a company’s awareness of the ecological impact of its products and services is vital to its competitive advantage.Read more

Who Owns Your Brand?

By Julie Ogilvie

A new report from Accenture on the impact of social media on sales and marketing makes for interesting and provocative reading.  Social CRM:  The New Frontier of Marketing, Sales and Service, is a well-written overview that uses numerous case studies to illustrate how the world of marketing and sales is being transformed through social media.Read more

Perspectives 2010: E-Learning and the Power of Positive Thinking (It Really Does Work!)

By Julie Ogilvie

In a little over a month, SkillSoft customers will gather in Orlando, FL for the annual e-learning conference, Perspectives.   Maybe it’s because Perspectives comes in May, when we’re just emerging from our long New England winters, but it never fails to lift my spirits and make me thankful for the business I’m in. Read more

The 8 Truths of Social Learning

By Pam Boiros

Thetruthisoutthere We’ve been talking a lot about social learning lately.  Heck, the whole industry has been talking about it.  Between webinars, workshops, and whitepapers there is no lack of information and opinions.

You may have heard that our inGenius social learning product was announced officially today at the 2010 Bersin IMPACT Conference. Read more

Is the Apple iPad the Killer Corporate E-learning Tool?

By John Ambrose

The image on the left shows SkillSoft’s Books24x7 informal e-learning solution on an iPad (right) compared to an iPhone (left).  Informal is the biggest e-learning beneficiary of the iPad.

So much has already been written and there is so much hype, I thought I would think different and share my initial thoughts on the iPad as a potential corporate e-learning tool for convenient and easy consumption of corporate courseware.Read more