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Sparking the Social Learning Conversation

By Pam Boiros

I have been very pleased with the great comments that have come in, in response to my post this week on the 8 truths of social learning. One reaction came from eLearning guru Tony Karrer.  In an interesting post, he suggested a couple of additional truths:

•    “Obvious value”
•    “Same tools as your work tools”

Great additions, Tony.  I guess the “Obvious value” was obvious enough to not require explicit inclusion on my original list, but we agree that the community members should be able to see the value for themselves in participating, not just the value to the other members of the community.  As far as the “Same tools as your work tools” – this is a great point.  This has been one of the driving forces behind inGenius, in fact.  Over the last 10+ years we’ve had millions of subscribers using Books24x7 as an everyday, on –the-job performance support and instant e-learning tool so inGenius is a natural extension of the current use case.

Social learning will continue to be a major theme for this blog, so let’s keep the dialogue going.

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