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Early Feedback on inGenius Social Learning Program

By Pam Boiros

As you’ve
read in earlier
we’ve been writing about
social learning in general and SkillSoft inGenius on Books24x7, our digital books product, specifically.  Back in February, we rolled out the
inGenius “Early Look” program.
This program gives interested learning leaders the opportunity to take a
look at the inGenius feature set on Books24x7.   It is designed to enable learning leaders to try out
inGenius to see if the features might be a good fit for their

Good Insights into Social Learning

Over 250
learning leaders from more than 100 different organizations have been
registered for this program to date.
Participants are asked to complete a brief survey upon registration, and
this has yielded some great insights not only on inGenius but also on learning
leaders’ thinking about social learning.
In general, the feedback from participants that completed the survey has
been very positive.  Following are
some of the key results.

General Social Networking/Social Learning:

  • Familiarity with other social
    networking/social learning technologies:
      “Early Look” participants are a
    tech-savvy bunch. A high percentage rated themselves as very familiar or
    somewhat familiar with tools such as
    Twitter (74%), LinkedIn (94%), and Facebook
  • Existing corporate social networking
      If an organization currently is using a
    tool, SharePoint was the technology mentioned most frequently.  Some organizations have “home grown”
    tools that mimic the functionality of consumer sites such as

inGenius Features and Functionality: 

  • Functionality and ease of use:
    74% of participants found profile creation and management to be easy in
    inGenius and 68% found the Activity Stream to be easy to use.  Overall, 55% of participants reported
    that inGenius was easier to use than other social networking sites.  This is quite a large percentage when
    one considers the intuitive nature of sites such as Facebook.
  • Safe environment:
    Over 77% of respondents stated that inGenius is a safer tool to use than
    other social networking sites.
    inGenius was deliberately designed as a closed environment which allows
    free and full participation between members of your organization, with no risk
    of leakage of employee data or intellectual property to the wider web world.
  • Deployment: 53% of participants reported that they want to deploy inGenius to
    their learner population – most within the next 6 months.
  • Commonly requested additional features:
    As an additional benefit of participating in the “Early Look” program,
    participants were invited to share their feedback on features and functionality
    they would like to see added to inGenius.
    As a result of our agile development methodology, some of these features
    already have been released, others are on the
    immediate roadmap and many more are on a longer
    term development roadmap.

The “Early Look” Program is still available for learning leaders.  There is no cost or obligation
associated with participating in “Early Look”, but we do solicit feedback from
all early look participants via an online survey.    Interesting in checking out inGenius? 
Drop me a line.  

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