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Loyalty is Earned

By Kieran King

We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from Kieran King, our Global Director of Loyalty Strategy. 

I am frequently asked why SkillSoft’s clients are so loyal.  For those who may not be aware, SkillSoft has been ranked #1 in customer loyalty by the world’s largest custom research company, TNS, for three consecutive years.  TNS doesn’t just benchmark learning companies.  Rather, TNS compares SkillSoft’s client survey responses to every software and IT company in its database ranging from $100M-$120B in revenues.  

Most anticipate that the secret to SkillSoft’s high loyalty level will involve some form of a repurchasing histogram, complex spreadsheet, or sophisticated causal analysis.  It’s actually quite simple:

1.    the widest content cloud,

2.    the best customer support,

3.    the strongest sustainability.

Content Cloud.  Content licensing has gone in the same direction as the IT cloud computing concept for the following reasons:

Buy versus Build – Unless you have infinite resource capacity and funds to develop learning content yourself, it makes economical sense to buy from a provider whose main business is building content.  SkillSoft’s core mission has always been content.  Because SkillSoft offers a large library of eLearning courseware content that covers a broad range of topics, there is consistency in the quality of the instructional design as well as the user interface.  These two factors tend to drive increased learner acceptance and the propensity for learners to come back. 

Less Operational Overhead – As with IT cloud infrastructures, most corporations also find it far more efficient to leverage a hosted solution because of the operational efficiencies it provides.  The Software as a Service savings eliminate the hardware and software investments as well as the IT staffing required of an in-house solution.

Corporate Agility – Our world is also increasingly more complex and the pace of change continues to compound, making it very difficult to forecast what skills a workforce may need.  This month’s quote from CLO Magazine Editor, Norm Kamikow, sums it up well, “To stay in fighting shape, learning organizations have to be agile, quick thinking and oriented towards both revolutionary and evolutionary workforce development.  That means flexible delivery, as well as learning that is responsive to the needs and demands of a diverse, dispersed and dynamic global workforce.  It means also arming and empowering the workforce to react to change with alacrity and intelligence and decisively win whatever competitive battles come along.”  

In such an environment, it’s an imperative to partner with a supplier that has the widest depth and breadth of topic coverage to address the uncertainly of dynamic skill requirements.  That is also why most of our clients choose to subscribe to a library of eLearning modules where the learner can take just what they need when they need it.  Of course a learner doesn’t need to consume thousands of resources…they only need one resource, every time they need one, and the probability of having the right resource is increased with access to a rich repository.

Customer Support.  By a wide margin, SkillSoft invests in client support more than any other eLearning provider.  The services we deliver ensure every program is poised to successfully achieve business results.  SkillSoft has over 500 client service professionals dedicated to customer success before, during and after implementation.  One of the most highly regarded elements of SkillSoft’s service team is the Learning Consultant.  The Learning Consultant provides guidance related to program design, technical planning, marketing, administrative management, and measurement strategy.  Competitors to SkillSoft will often claim to offer a range of support services that sound familiar, but no other supplier offers the number of personnel, depth of expertise, and industry experience that SkillSoft does. Our clients continually tell us what a difference our services make, and it shows in our 96% customer service satisfaction rating.

Strong sustainability.  While the effects of the economic recession may be subsiding somewhat, the importance of partnering with a sustainable learning supplier will continue.  SkillSoft’s experience, leading position in learning innovation, and financial stability are more important factors than ever before.  SkillSoft’s dependable and steady leadership team, coupled with tenured field staff, provide clients with an unparalleled level of reassurance.  When SkillSoft was acquired by a highly rated private investment consortium in May, SkillSoft’s sustainability was more deeply reinforced.  As a private company, we can accelerate our aggressive R&D in areas that have always been paramount to clients as well as explore peripheral markets that can bring enhanced value.

In closing, SkillSoft feels very fortunate to have earned our clients’ confidence time and time again.  We remain committed to focus on the aspects that have made the most difference – content, service, and business viability.  To hear directly from our clients, click here to view a set of customer video interviews.

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