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Innovations in e-Learning: How Hitachi Consulting Uses Learning to Sustain an Agile Workforce

We are pleased to bring you the third in our series of guest blog posts written by the winners of our 2010 Innovations in Learning Awards.  We recognized these customers in an award ceremony on May 19, 2010 at our Perspectives conference.  We would like to thank Hitachi Consulting for sharing its e-learning innovation through this post.

By Jennifer Hohlt


At Hitachi Consulting, a recognized leader in delivering proven business and IT solutions to Global 2000 companies, we recognize the importance of continued development and individual growth as factors in business achievement. Because project management is considered a core competency for managers, we set out to develop an integrated learning program to promote exceptional performance in this area, enabling our management teams to efficiently meet or exceed client expectations.

We partnered with SkillSoft in 2007 to launch two learning programs that later became required curriculum.  However, our investment in learning has significantly expanded since then to better equip our workforce to meet the disparate and ever-changing needs of our global customers.

Today, employees at each consulting level are required to complete a minimum number of training hours varying from 25 to 75 per year. Our new learning program, CORE.221 Project Management Workstream, makes this necessary task far easier for our consultants in a manager role or above. It reacquaints them with project management fundamentals and teaches our company’s unique internal approach. Managers can access content, tips and tools “just in time” to efficiently handle client requests.  Also, after course completion, the program is available as an ongoing resource for various job aid tools.

The modular nature of the course design also allows us to make updates to specific sections should we encounter changes to business processes. Impacted employees can then be advised to revisit the course, and retake only the section that has changed. This flexibility is highly supportive of our dynamic company environment and provides our consultants the tools to succeed. 

CORE.221 is comprised of four online channels that feature audio support and instructions, dynamic graphics, case studies, activities and knowledge checks that help consultants integrate the information into the workplace. The program has played an instrumental role in helping Hitachi’s consultants achieve their business goals, and we were honored with the Perspectives 2010 Industry Award for Learning in Emerging Business Achievement because of our accomplishments with this initiative.

Learning is fundamental to our business, and plans for the future include providing new venues for continued learning and collaboration across the organization. Supporting discussion threads in our SharePoint course sites is on the horizon as well as Dialogue Live sessions, allowing employees to share Best Practices and providing mentoring opportunities in real-time.

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