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Predictable Impact in Unpredictable Times Requires Flexibility

By Kieran King

We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from Kieran King, our Global Director of Loyalty Strategy.

The recent economic environment has presented even greater business uncertainty.  Despite that, there are companies who consistently perform, regardless of the conditions.  In the book, Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times, authors Stephen Covey, Bob Whitman, and Breck England, discuss the need to be agile in order to win, regardless of the rate of change.

As an enterprise competes to win, it is imperative to be flexible, and adjust to changes as they arise.  By the same token, a company’s enterprise e-learning partner also should be agile enough to assist with these critical shifts in focus. 

Below is a synopsis of SkillSoft’s comprehensive range of flexibility:


  • Since change is the name of the game, we regularly adapt a client’s solution during the term of a contract if and when changes in learning needs arise. No waiting until the contract anniversary or end of an agreement is necessary.
  • With SkillSoft’s wide range of license models, clients can license in a way that directly supports their business needs. Want to license one course for an IT initiative or an entire library of multi-modal resources for three departments? Consider it done.
  • SkillSoft offers the most diverse corporate courseware topic range. Variety provides companies with a flexible way to respond to the inevitable rate of change. SkillSoft solutions address development requirements at all levels within a company – from the CIO to an entry level project manager.
  • Our clients have the advantage of a “best of breed” approach in topic thought leadership, without having to contend with disparate products from multiple suppliers. This makes it easy for our clients to mix and match learning assets on the fly.
  • Because SkillSoft owns the direction of its major products and we do not resell products from third parties, we can ensure that all of our products are aligned to meet new technology requirements. For example, if a new version of a browser is released, SkillSoft can adapt its product line to support the new browser. No lobbying with multiple third party suppliers to modify their technology plans.
  • Since not all learning within an enterprise occurs online, SkillSoft clients also receive complimentary blended learning materials to support synchronous delivery in a wide range of topics. The resources include PowerPoint slides that can be completely tailored, sparing significant cost and resources. The kit’s editable Microsoft Word-based SkillBriefs reinforce key concepts as they are transferred to the workplace.
  • Speaking of blending, with SkillSoft’s vast modes of delivery, clients are able to draw upon a deep array of options to create a unique blended program. Anything goes – the full content of an online course, a chapter of a book, a few minutes of a course topic, a 10 minute high-impact simulation, live mentoring, videos of gurus, virtual classroom events, custom courses, expert broadcasts, MP3 audios, social collaboration, and much more. SkillSoft also provides customers complimentary guidance on how to design blended programs through our eight-step learner-centric methodology.
  • While SkillSoft is most widely known for off-the-shelf learning, our custom content development services have been instrumental at driving results such as increased sales and lower turnover. Every custom project is by nature, adapted to the unique needs of that client.
  • When time is limited and there’s no need to re-create the wheel, organizations can easily tailor a SkillSoft course to include proprietary material. Better yet, topics from multiple SkillSoft courses can be combined with internal information within the same trackable course. Graphics can be changed, audio tracks added…the possibilities for customizing SkillSoft courses abound.
  • Headquartered in Seattle today and anticipating a move to Sydney tomorrow? With the widest global footprint in the industry and largest number of client-facing experts, SkillSoft is poised to support your workforce, wherever it may be.
  • Need an extra pair of hands next week? SkillSoft also has a team whose mission is to help clients augment internal staff when they need it, where they need it. If you need short-term help now on a high-profile project or would like to bring a program manager in-house for a few years, SkillSoft can calibrate to meet your internal team’s shifting priorities.
  • Have a technical question after dinner on a Saturday? No worries. Our customer support team is available whenever a question arises – 365 days per year, 24 hours per day (via phone, email and chat).

All this being said, flexibility really boils down to business ease.  SkillSoft is so committed to this concept, we measure it in our client satisfaction survey.  Overall, 96% report that SkillSoft met or exceeded their “ease of business” expectations. When asked why an organization has chosen to repurchase with SkillSoft, several common responses emerge:

  • “Flexibility and service”
  • “SkillSoft provides a flexible delivery option that has been beneficial during tight economic times”
  • “Willingness to work with us”
  • “The customer representatives are flexible and help us meet the needs of our customers”
  • “Excellent service and wiliness to work with us to tailor programs to meet our needs”

While the world is unpredictable, with SkillSoft, predictable results are possible.  In fact, as the graph below illustrates, our learners are experiencing higher engagement, role readiness, and customer satisfaction.

 Through study after study, SkillSoft learners report amazing skill gains, time savings, and cost displacement that amounts to millions in return on investment.  SkillSoft actively collaborates with our clients to measure the business impact of our programs, not just consumption.  Our account teams proactively host review meetings to ask what may be changing in our client’s business so we can make adjustments along the way.  For SkillSoft, this is simply responsible and adaptable business. 

In sum, to be agile in today’s world, organizations need a flexible and impact-oriented learning partner. How can flexibility help you?



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