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Leapin’ Lizards – Café 2010 was a Success!

We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from Candy Osborne, our Marketing Programs Manager.

By Candy Osborne

I was so excited to return to my home state for another business trip that I almost forgot about all the creepy crawlies Florida has to offer. However, by the end of Café 2010, I did come to view one critter in particular through a different lens altogether.

Anole pic by Tim Dempsey

Photo credit: Tim Dempsey

Anoles are little lizards that, if you’re not aware of them, can give you quite a surprise on your first encounter. They are quick, change their color based on mood and surroundings and at times, do a funky little thing with their throats.

Much like anoles change their color based on their environment, SkillSoft makes changes based on the needs of our customers. As Vice President of Product Marketing, Jeff Bond mentioned in one of the breakout sessions, we could build out certain aspects of our product line to no end, but we’re not convinced that more is better. Instead, we want to build out based on the needs of our customers, and that’s what Café is all about.

Café is SkillSoft’s Client Advisory Forum Event in which selected customers are invited to attend and provide input that will help to shape the future direction of our products. It is labeled a listening event and over the course of a few days last week, SkillSoft listened to input from more than 50 customers on topics such as LMS, meaningful mobile, integrated platforms, enterprise courseware enhancements, SkillSoft Leadership Advantage, collaboration beyond inGenius and leveraging home-grown content.

The energy was great, the feedback flowed and for those who made it to SeaWorld for the Tuesday night offsite … well, just how many people can say they had dinner alongside beluga whales with a harpist in the background?

But, back to the smaller critter for a moment. I mentioned anoles are quick. From what I’ve witnessed they have the ability to dart and dodge, to change direction in a moment’s notice, innately aware of their surroundings. The feedback we received from our customers at Café will help provide that direction and allow us to make changes that make sense to customers based on their needs, much like the anole changing its presentation based on the environment.

General Session presentations are available on Client Community. If you are currently a SkillSoft customer and a member of Client Community, simply click here to view the available presentations. If you’re not a member, you will need to register—click the link on the upper right to go to the registration form.  Your registration will need to be approved by your learning consultant, so make sure you choose the correct name from the drop-down list provided.

Special thank you to our customers for sharing their time and feedback with us and we hope to see you at our next e-learning event May 9-11 in sunny Orlando for Perspectives 2011. With any luck, you too can catch a glimpse of the quick, color-changing—yet clever—anole.

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