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An E-Learning Tale of Two Companies: “Are you normal?”

By Kieran King


Clients often ask SkillSoft what kind of adoption they can expect to see from e-learning — whether it is to understand how many licenses they will need to start an e-learning program, or as a way to gauge “what’s normal” for a program that has been installed for years.  That’s a complex question to answer because each organization develops its own path for its learn­ing strategy by reflecting on their business objectives and organizational culture.   


When adoption doesn’t meet expectations, some organizations begin to question whether or not e-learning is “for them.”  Well, if your employees are using an Internet search engine to find information, they are e-learning.   It’s not a matter of whether or not e-learning works.  It’s not a matter of whether or not employees will find it valuable.  It’s a matter of the way in which learning lives within a company. 


Allow me to tell you a “tale of two companies” who operate in the same geography, same industry, and have similar employee sizes….


Which organization do you think has the higher level of e-learning adoption?  Better yet, which organization steadily experiences higher retention, a better competitive position, and stronger customer satisfaction?   


While many variables come into play, our experience with thousands of clients has given us a solid understanding of the factors that contribute to adoption.  Armed with this expertise, we counsel organizations every day as they work to overcome adoption barriers and  optimize the aspects that will spur habitual use of e-learning.

To learn about the factors that drive adoption and the trends we’ve seen along our journey, you can download our free whitepaper, “What Usage Can I Expect?”.

Does e-learning at your company come closer to Company A or Company B, or something in between? What are some other tales to be told?

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