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Time to Make Your E-Learning Resolutions for 2011

Ever since Thanksgiving passed and we’ve been rushing through the holiday season, it seems as though there’s been a never-ending stream of commentary on top stories and issues of 2010 and predictions on trends for 2011. 

We’re taking a different tact by bringing you, our clients and loyal readers of this blog, something much more practical and actionable than predictions – e-learning resolutions for 2011. To do this, we asked a few members of the SkillSoft blogging team to offer their resolutions.  These follow below.

Thank you very much for subscribing and reading our blog this past year.  We look forward to bringing you more insight and advice in 2011, and as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for topics.  Happy Holidays!

Pam Boiros, VP Product Management, Books24x7

Get the word out

You know that you’ve got great training and learning tools available to your organization, but is that information widely known?  The people in your organization are busy getting their job done, but maybe they could be even more effective by taking advantage of applicable training resources.

Commit to doing one marketing activity per month during 2011.  Whether that is attending a project team’s regularly-scheduled meeting to let them know about learning resources that are relevant to their interests, putting up a poster advertising a specific program in the break room, or sending out a targeted e-mail about a specific offering to managers and asking them to spread the word, there are quick and easy things you can do to help drive awareness and utilization of your programs.  SkillSoft Client Community has dozens of free, proven campaigns you can leverage to feature the learning assets you license from SkillSoft.

Keiran King, Global Director of Loyalty Strategy

Commit to illustrate your impact

While it might be familiar to measure e-learning programs through activity, step outside your comfort zone and ensure your 2011 learning scorecard is balanced.  Couple your utilization metrics with business impact metrics to highlight how well it is adopted AND how learning is contributing to business performance.

Sally Hovis, VP Learning Design

Work personally and with my Learning Design team to:

  • Be creative with instructional presentation and practice strategies.  Use the content and the defined learning outcomes (objectives) as the basis for finding new ways to engage the learner with the content.
  • Make e-learning about business outcomes and solutions as much as possible and whenever possible; structure the content presentation and practice within a context that supports transfer to the work environment
  • Work more outside the boundaries of the usual comfort zone; recognize that new and different may not always be comfortable, but it’s usually the best way to approach continuous innovation and product improvement.
  • Listen better to the input and ideas from others; keep an open mind and control the urge to diagnose a problem or situation before getting the whole story.
  • Maintain a focus on instructional integrity, quality and effectiveness in balance with engagement, interactivity, use of media, and everything else that goes into designing and developing e-learning content

What are your e-learning resolutions?

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