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Books24x7 Book Review: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do…

By Pam Boiros

In today’s busy society, a lot of us do a lot of talking.  This takes place in person or over the phone, in large group settings, and often one-on-one.   As Dr. John Maxwell says, “Talk is easy. Everybody talks. The question is how can you make your words count?”

These are the concepts that Maxwell explores in his recent book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently (© 2010, Published by Thomas Nelson).  The book describes several key principles that emphasize the importance of good communication that really connects – how it can improve your influence, how it must be more than just about the words, and that it is a skill that can be learned.

After laying this foundation, Maxwell takes readers through the Five Connecting Practices that differentiate top-notch achievers (“Connectors”) from everyone else.  The practice that resonated most with me is the notion that Connectors keep it simple, and specifically this advice:  The larger the group, the simpler the communication needs to be.  Considering the wide range of people from different backgrounds and perspectives that many of us interact with on a daily basis – customers, colleagues, partners – this is sound advice.  I will certainly keep this in mind in my own future presentations and meetings.

John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, and author whose books have sold more than 18 million copies.  Dr. Maxwell is the founder of EQUIP, a non-profit organization that has trained more than 5 million leaders in 126 countries worldwide. Each year he speaks to the leaders of diverse organizations, such as Fortune 500 companies, as well as government and military organizations.

What do you think?  Read this book and let us know.  BusinessPro subscribers can access this book through Books24x7, our digital books offering.

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