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Expanding the Global Reach of Books24x7: New German Publishers Added

By Pam Boiros and Kerstin Stengel

Two years ago, Books24x7 launched a new collection of German books. At the time, it was a limited offering containing a small number of titles.  Quickly, more and more books were uploaded to make up a compelling Desktop and IT collection.

As in other countries around the world, German customers quickly embraced the concept of Books24x7 – not a library of books to check out and return, but a repository of reliable digital books at their fingertips, available 24×7 to help solve everyday workplace challenges.  Once employees get access to this great resource, they keep returning.  Usage is usually quite high and other elements of the customer’s learning solution also benefit from having such a resource available. Today’s learning professionals know about the importance of informal learning, which can amount to some 70% of the total learning taking place.

To grow the German collection, the Books24x7 team recently signed up a new group of business publishers: FinanzBuch-Verlag and its sister publishing houses mi-Wirtschaftsbuch, riva Verlag, Redline and mvg Verlag. Now, German customers also have a separate Business Collection available to them.

One of the first new titles added covers a subject that’s very close to our hearts here at SkillSoft: “Personalentwicklung: Mitarbeiter qualifizieren; motivieren und fördern: Toolbox für die Praxis” by Ehrhard Flato (© 2006, published by mi-Wirtschaftsbuch). This book provides best practices for staff development to qualify, motivate and foster employees.  This goes well with Daniel Zanetti’s “1001 Tipps zur Mitarbeitermotivation: Verblüffende Ideen für einen motivierenden Geschäftsalltag“,© 2006 published by Redline), which offers 1001 tips to motivate employees.

As the first titles from these new publishers are being added, the German collection now comprises more than 440 German language titles. Global customers also can benefit from 230 French and nearly 200 Spanish books. SkillSoft’s Books24x7 offers one of the largest on-demand e-reference services, with a worldwide collection of nearly 30,000 professional digital book titles.

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