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Our Best e-Learning Critics

By Glenn Nott

Like many, I always look to a newspaper or online reviews when I am tempted to go to the movies and watch the latest flick. I value the opinion of the critic as it provides me with a credible insight to the movie on offer. Don’t get me wrong, a movie review is subjective but you still appreciate the comments made by experts in their field, and it provides you with a foundation to assist you on whether you will make that $15.00 investment to watch the movie. Ultimately it is up to you to see the movie and make your own judgement but a little advice is always handy.

That is why I am very excited about the new video interviews with e-learning leaders at our Indian customers which have just been launched on our web site. Like the movie critic, we have been able to gain access to eight prominent Indian Learning and Development leaders from such companies as Infosys, TATA Consulting Services, and Virtusa who speak candidly and openly on their experience and knowledge of e-learning, and the way SkillSoft continues to play a role in their business success. Through these interviews, new and seasoned learning advocates can gain a better insight on how e-learning and SkillSoft can positively impact their business. The interviews paint a clear picture on the e-learning journey they have taken and the return on investment they have received.

As you listen to their interviews, think about what tempted you to tap into the interview at the outset. Your initial curiosity with e-learning is a fantastic start to embracing the rich and organic learning platform that SkillSoft has become a leader in worldwide.

From a SkillSoft perspective, it is always humbling to listen to the positive feedback attained by businesses that have benefited from the e-learning investment. I hope that these interviews will, like the movie review, assist you in deciding to make that important investment in your company.

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