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Books24x7 Book Review: Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals: Achieving Excellence

By Pam Boiros

Even the most seasoned public speaker can go weak in the knees at the prospect of making a big presentation.   Technical professionals, who may be the master of their subject, often particularly struggle with presenting their ideas.   However, strong presentation skills are critical for career success. The ability to present articulately to customers, executives, peers and others can significantly enhance credibility, clout, and professional status.   Delivering presentations at work or professional events is one of the best ways build a reputation as an expert.

In this latest installment of my series of Books24x7 digital books reviews, Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals: Achieving Excellence by Naomi Karten (IT Governance © 2010) offers invaluable tips on how to make presentations clear and accessible.  From topics such as concisely outlining the aspects of good and bad presentations to effectively interacting with the audience, the advice is practical and geared specifically to a technical professional.

The suggestions for how to start with a strong opening and conclude with a strong ending, and provide context to build a great presentation, are invaluable. The chapter entitled “How Not to Annoy Your Audience” is particularly useful, offering a list of behaviors to avoid from vocal and physical mannerisms, to overuse of clichés is applicable for presenters of all experience levels.

Author Naomi Karten is a professional speaker and seminar leader.   Naomi’s psychology background and IT experience has enabled her to work with numerous organizations to help them strengthen communication and presentation skills, and she is known for her ability to put across serious material with a light and appropriately humorous touch.

What do you think?  Read this book and let us know.  ITPro subscribers can access this book on Books24x7. 

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