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Books24x7 Digital Books Reading List: Social Media

By Pam Boiros

Earlier this year, I started a book review series, bringing you my personal take on titles from our Books24x7 digital books collection that I’ve been reading.  Judging by the traffic of these posts, it seems that they are proving valuable to clients and other readers of this blog.

To complement these reviews, I thought it would be useful share with you “reading lists” that our team puts together from a variety of sources and matches with titles available on Books24x7.

The first list we have to share is focused on social media, covering several areas, including titles that introduce social technologies and offer advice on overarching strategies, titles geared for leaders and titles focused on how social media impacts corporate culture.

I hope this new series helps you navigate our extensive collection of Books24x7.  Future reading lists will feature business classics, change management, IT leadership, IT security, project management, and global business.

If there are topic areas you’d like us to consider, please let me know. In the meantime, read these books and let us know what you think about them  BusinessPro subscribers can access of these books on our Books24x7 digital books offering.

Social Media – What is It?

Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World

by Matthew Fraser and Soumitra Dutta

John Wiley & Sons (UK) © 2008 (344 pages)

Detailing the way social networks affects both individuals and societies as a whole, this book explores the powerful forces driving this revolution, the impact of these profound changes, and the far reaching consequences of social networking.

Social Networking Spaces: From Facebook to Twitter and Everything In Between

by Todd Kelsey

Apress © 2010 (537 pages)

Including information on posting pictures, using add-ons, and working with Facebook and LinkedIn groups, this book explains how to use the variety of social networking sites available to keep in touch, stay in business, and have fun.

Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies

by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

Harvard Business Press © 2008 (296 pages)

Providing a clear perspective on the groundswell trend, this timely and insightful book offers a set of strategic recommendations based on consumer data, real client stories, and a focus on measurable business success.

The Next Wave of Technologies: Opportunities from Chaos            

by Phil Simon

John Wiley & Sons © 2010 (432 pages)

Explaining how each technology works, this practical guide will help you determine if your organization is ready for a specific technology, how to prepare for its successful adoption, how to measure success, and the key risks and red flags to recognize.

Social Media – For Leadership

The Social Factor: Innovate, Ignite, and Win through Mass Collaboration and Social Networking

by Maria Azua

IBM Press © 2010 (273 pages)

A treasure trove of strategic and tactical insights for the business leader, this book demonstrates how to establish social networking communities, and then leverage those communities to drive extraordinary levels of innovation.

Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead

by Charlene Li

Jossey-Bass © 2010 (336 pages)

Containing guidelines, policies, and procedures that successful companies have implemented to manage openness, this book explains how social media sites can improve efficiency, communication, and decision making for leaders and their organizations.

Content Nation: Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Technology Changes Our Lives and Our Future            

by John Blossom

John Wiley & Sons © 2009 (368 pages)

Providing a wide-ranging look at what makes social media tick, this revolutionary book offers case studies and practical tips as to how we can conduct our business, our politics and our personal lives using social media.

Leading Outside the Lines: How to Mobilize the (in)Formal Organization, Energize Your Team and Get Better Results (A Summary)            

book authors: Jon R. Katzenbach and Zia Khan

Soundview Executive Book Summaries © 2010

In Leading Outside the Lines, authors Jon R. Katzenbach and Zia Khan offer an all-new examination of the modern workplace and how leaders and managers must embrace it for success. Read this summary to gain an understanding of the concepts in the book.

Trust Agents: Using theWeb to Build Influence, Improve Reputation and Earn Trust (A Summary)

book authors: Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Soundview Executive Book Summaries © 2010

In Trust Agents, Chris Brogan and Julien Smith explore how business people can use the Web’s new social software tools to build awareness, influence, reputation, and authority. Read this summary to gain an understanding of the concepts in the book.

QuickTalks: Barry Libert: Profiting From Social Networking: The Wisdom of Your Crowds

Featuring Barry Libert

Barry Libert © 2007

Length: 2 minutes

Barry Libert describes a five-step process for profiting from social networking.

Social Media – For Corporate Culture

Social Media at Work: How Networking Tools Propel Organizational Performance

by Arthur L. Jue, Jackie Alcalde Marr and Mary Ellen Kassotakis

Jossey-Bass © 2010 (240 pages)

Drawing on case studies from companies like Intel, Cisco, Nokia, and others, this book offers down-to-earth strategies for leveraging the power of social media to build more effective and agile organizations, engage employees, and sustain competitiveness.

The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media            

by Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner

ASTD © 2010 (218 pages)

Using examples from a wide range of organizations, including Deloitte & Touche, IBM, TELUS, and even the CIA, this guide helps organizations create a contemporary learning strategy that is as timely as it is transformative.

Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World            

by Don Tapscott

McGraw-Hill © 2009 (384 pages)

Inspired by a $4 million private research study of more than 11,000 young people, this book examines how today’s Net Generation is changing every aspect of our society-from the workplace to the marketplace, from the voting booth to the Oval Office.

What Social-Networking Trends Mean for Your Company            

by James H. Moore Jr., L. Randolph Lowry, Christine W. McEntee and Ramón M. Ruiz-Comas

Books24x7 © 2010

In this ExecBlueprint, the leaders from the University of Arizona Foundation, Lipscomb University, American Institute of Architects and Triple-S Management Corp. discuss how and why companies should incorporate social-networking into marketing strategies.

Social Media – Strategy

10 Steps to Successful Social Networking for Business            

by Darin Hartley

ASTD © 2010 (193 pages)

Whether you’re a consultant, communications professional, or corporate CEO, this book offers a complete toolbox for employing today’s most influential, game-changing methods of communication to build your brand, cultivate customer loyalty and get results.

The Laws of Disruption: Harnessing the New Forces That Govern Life and Business in the Digital Age            

by Larry Downes

Basic Books © 2009 (304 pages)

Providing an invaluable guide for these confusing times, this book will help business owners and managers understand not only how to avoid being blindsided by customer rebellion, but also how to benefit from it.

Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges            

by Andrew McAfee

Harvard Business Press © 2009 (247 pages)

Bringing together case studies and examples from economics, sociology, computer science, consumer psychology, and management studies, this book shows managers and executives how to harness the power of “Web 2.0” technologies in their businesses.

Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand (A Summary)            

book authors: Shel Holtz and John C. Havens

Soundview Executive Book Summaries © 2009

The authors of Tactical Transparency provide a methodology that will help organizations create their own unique plans to bring greater authenticity to their companies and brands. Read this summary to gain an understanding of the concepts in the book.

QuickTalks: Tim Sanders: Dirty Dozen Rules of Talent Management: Rule #10 – Don’t Be Old School with the New School            

Featuring Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders © 2009

Length: 3 minutes

Particularly if you want to attract younger talent, you need to understand that social media can be a powerful innovation catalyst by providing immediate and engaging access to a talent network outside your organization.

Social Media – For Marketing

Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online

by Chris Brogan

John Wiley & Sons © 2010 (352 pages)

Presenting best practices for growing the value of your social media and social networking marketing efforts, this book shows you how to build an effective blog or website for your business, monitor your online reputation, and create new content.

Dominate Your Market with Twitter: Tweet Your Way to Business Success            

by Jon Smith and Jose Llinares

Infinite Ideas © 2009 (161 pages)

Revealing how marketers can use Twitter to their best advantage, this straight-talking, no-waffle, practical guide explains how to create strategies to build a loyal following among Twitter members and expand awareness of products and services.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, Second Edition

by David Meerman Scott

John Wiley & Sons © 2010 (320 pages)

Filled with all the hottest insider tips on the very latest winning tools and techniques, this updated book will allow you to publish powerful and effective information on the Web, reach your buyers directly, and save big on your budget.

Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment

by Jim Sterne

John Wiley & Sons © 2010 (272 pages)

Filled with the numbers that matter and specific examples of how to use them, this practical book provides an A–Z guide to using data to drive your social media marketing efforts.

Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today’s Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves (A Summary)    book author: Adam L. Penenberg

Soundview Executive Book Summaries © 2010

In Viral Loop, author Adam L. Penenberg reveals how any entrepreneur or business can uncork viral loops to benefit their bottom line. Read this summary to gain an understanding of the concepts in the book.


QuickTalks: Don Tapscott: N-Fluence Networks            

Featuring Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott © 2009

Length: 4 minutes

Don Tapscott describes the power of marketing 2.0 and the importance of customer intimacy.

Best Practices for Benchmarking Your Social Media Marketing Efforts            

by Aseem Chandra, Lawrence J. Burns, Stephen T. Eckhart and Johnette Gindling

Books24x7 © 2010

Authored by marketing experts from Omniture, The University of Toledo, GSE Lining Technology, and Wuesthoff Health System, this ExecBlueprint discusses ways that leaders can measure the effectiveness of their social media marketing.


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