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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

By Michael Bacher, SkillSoft VP, Customer Satisfaction

For the past five years, we have partnered with TNS Global, an independent research firm, to take the pulse of our customers, find out what they’re happy with and in what areas we can strive to improve.  The 643 responses to our customer satisfaction survey were overwhelmingly positive across all five key metrics: customer service, product quality, ease of doing business, repurchase and referenceability.

An impressive 98 percent of customers would recommend SkillSoft’s products to a friend or colleague and their feedback shows the value of SkillSoft’s staff and products.  Customer satisfaction has continued to improve year over year, with the percentage of satisfied customers measuring at 95 percent or higher in each category.  Here are just a few of our customer’s responses:

“The staff at SkillSoft is fantastic and very helpful, the product is great.”

“I mostly use Books24x7 (Business Pro, Exec Summaries and LDC) and the content is excellent!”

“You have already gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you very much.”

We also listened to areas where our customers suggested improvements.  The feedback we received from last year’s survey supported product developments and service improvements, including the delivery of more than 140 one-hour business courses; and the release of more than 700 localized courses.  Over the next year, we are planning to add additional services to drive earlier adoption, higher usage and greater value, including:

  • SkillPort site set-up including graphics, shortcuts, tailored welcome message;
  • Implement Content Maps directly onto customer’s SkillPort site.

What’s been your experience with SkillSoft? We’d value your suggestions and insights on our e-learning courses and products.

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