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IT Certification and Training For More Secure Data

By Jim Zimmermann

I was just reading about the theft of the personal medical records of 1.7 million patients from New York City hospitals. In addition to basic contact information, the records contained social security numbers, dates of birth and mothers’ maiden names – all things that can be used to steal identities. To make the theft even more serious, the records contained the full medical records of the individuals.

So what does this have to do with learning? Proper IT certification and training in information  security methods could have mitigated, or virtually eliminated the threat posed by this theft.

The article reported that the data “wasn’t in plain text, so it appears the data is somewhat hard to access … However, the data was not encrypted. The hospital group said it will ‘expedite plans’ to encrypt all future backup tapes.”

The article also reported that “data breaches cost the health care industry $6 billion annually”, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. Proper training of IT staff on security techniques can dramatically lower the risk for health care institutions, and for your company as well.

SkillSoft offers a number of popular IT certification training solutions that can help your company protect its valuable IT and data assets. Looking at the top 100 SkillSoft IT training courses from 2010, 13 of the top 100 courses were security related:

  1. CompTIA Security + 2008: Threat Mitigation
  2. Introduction to information security
  3. Cisco ICND1 1.0: Switch Optimization, Security, and Troubleshooting
  4. CompTIA Security + 2008: Cryptography
  5. CISSP Domain: Information Security and Risk Management
  6. CompTIA Security + 2008: Wi-Fi and Remote Access
  7. Security, Safety, and Communication
  8. CompTIA Security + 2008: Messaging, User, and Role Security
  9. CompTIA Security + 2008: Authentication Methods
  10. CompTIA Security + 2008: Public Key Infrastructure and Access Security
  11. CompTIA Security + 2008: Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Testing, IDS, and Forensics
  12. CompTIA Security + 2008: Ports, Protocols, and Network Security
  13. CompTIA Security + 2008: Auditing, Security Policies, and Disaster Recovery

A review of the SkillSoft Course Catalog identifies at least 150 security-related titles.

On Books24x7 site, seven of the top 100 titles in ITPro for 2010 were security-related:

  1. CompTIA Security+ All-In-One Exam Guide. Second Edition by Gregory White; Wm. Arthur Conklin; Dwayne Williams; Roger Davis and Chuck Cothren. © 2009
  2. CISA Review Manual 2009 by ISACA. © 2008
  3. CompTIA Security+ Study Guide. Fourth Edition by Emmett Dulaney. © 2009
  4. Information Security Management Handbook. Sixth Edition by Harold F. Tipton and Micki Krause. © 2007
  5. CISSP: All-in-One Exam Guide. Fourth Edition by Shon Harris. © 2008
  6. CISSP in 21 Days: Boost Your Confidence and Get a Competitive Edge to Crack the Exam by M. L. Srinivasan. © 2008
  7. CISM Review Manual 2009 by ISACA. © 2008

In total, the Books24x7 ITPro collections contain 995 security-related titles in a number of categories (number of titles per category appear in parentheses):

Many new and hot security titles were added to ITPro in 2010 – here are just five of them:

Computer Crime, Investigation, and the Law

Cengage Learning

Offering a broad introduction to the field of computer crime, this book introduces you to the specific techniques of hackers and shows you some of the tricks they use to infiltrate computer systems to help you defend against such attacks.

Principles of Computer Security: CompTIA Security+ and Beyond, Second Edition


Discussing communication, infrastructure, operational security, and methods for preventing attacks, this guide teaches the fundamentals of computer and information security while presenting the objectives for the CompTIA Security+ exam.

Hacking Exposed Wireless: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions, Second Edition


Discussing the latest developments in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and DECT hacking, this guide explains how to perform penetration tests, reinforce WPA protection schemes, mitigate packet injection risk, and lock down Bluetooth and RF devices.

Microsoft ForeFront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Administrator’s Companion

Microsoft Press

Presenting the real-world insights, implementation, configuration and management best practices you need for on-the-job results, this guide will help you get your Web, network perimeter and application layer security gateway up and running.

Information Security Risk Management for ISO27001 /ISO27002

IT Governance

Explaining in practical detail how to carry out an information security risk assessment, this book offers expert guidance on planning and implementing a risk assessment and protecting your business information.

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