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Are You Feeling Green Today?

By Julie Ogilvie

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today is the day when everyone seems to be taking a minute to step back and think about what they are doing to help with green initiatives. Organizations around the world are promoting their recycling projects, ride-sharing programs and energy savings initiatives with a bit more vigor today. My morning coffee came in a recycled cup today that exclaimed, “Do Your Part!”

Today is a great day to think about how you can be more conscious of your carbon footprint in a variety of ways including your professional life. At SkillSoft, we have always believed that e-learning supports an organization’s sustainability programs.

By offering online training solutions and reference materials, natural resources are conserved in many ways:

  • Less fuel  is used since employees don’t have to travel by car, train or air  to take classes;
  • Less energy is used to light/heat/provide AC to physical classrooms;
  • Less paper is used because courses and materials are online, and this means reducing our impact on trees, the wildlife trees support and the oxygen trees produce;
  • More money is saved by reducing costs of printing, paper, airline travel and energy.

One more thing to remember:  people are our greatest renewable resource!  When you invest in e-learning programs, you are investing in human potential, and that is one of the most important actions that an organization can take to ensure that it is sustainable.





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