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The Eight Truths of Social Learning – Revisited

By Pam Boiros

A little less than a year ago I wrote a post on this blog entitled “Eight Truths of Social Learning.” It was one of the posts that generated a surprising amount of traffic and discussion. Clearly social learning was — and continues to be — a topic for which many learning professionals are seeking information.

I thought I would revisit my eight truths now, given that we have a year under our belts since the launch of the SkillSoft inGenius® social learning platform in April 2010.  In the last year we’ve continued to learn a lot—not only about social learning, but about the organi­zational dynamics that surround it.

So while I’ve done some tinkering, the basic ideas behind the original eight truths have held up pretty well. We’ve now published a new white paper on the eight truths, which you can download for free at  This paper elaborates in more detail than the original post, and brings in additional thinking based on my discussions with many HR and Training professionals, as well as social media gurus.

Like all topics social, this one would not be complete with­out your voice. So please post your comments here, or go to the SkillSoft Facebook page if you would like to contribute your own truths, or even challenge one of ours.


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