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Highlights from Perspectives 2011

By Molly Scholes, Senior Director, Consulting Services, SkillSoft

I am so energized after spending this week in Orlando with our customers at the 2011 Perspectives conference.  This was our largest event ever – with approximately 900 attendees.  Here are some of the event highlights – I’d love to hear what your favorite part of Perspectives was as well!

Social Media is a hot topic!  I was an assistant in the inGenius workshops and those sessions were very full – there is a lot of enthusiasm for social learning and the customers who attended “got it” in terms of the benefits of using the feature.  I also attended a Mobile Update session led by Pam Boiros and Tim Hildreth and it was standing room only.  They asked how many people in the room owned iPads, and more than half raised their hands.  During the open discussion, several customers challenged us to re-think our resources and to take advantage of the tablet platform.

This year there was a huge increase in the number of attendees who posted to the SkillSoft twitter feed.  I encourage you to check out the posts and see what people were commenting about during the week.  One poster said it was the best conference she’d ever attended – and she’d attended a lot in her career.

Keynote Speaker Tim Sanders was fantastic!  His keynote speech discussed the power of gratitude and the importance of “feeding your mind good stuff.”  He challenged everyone in the audience to think about our morning routines and to fill them with positivity and gratitude first thing in the morning.  I know I’m going to change a few things about my morning routine as a result. This was also an LDC Live Event, so if you missed it, you can check out the recording or read the transcript.  I highly recommend it!

Customers love hearing from and meeting other customers!  Our customers did an outstanding job sharing their program successes and lessons learned.  I heard many customers say they wanted to be presenters next year – and share their stories.

The Harry Potter event rocked!  I don’t think anyone could have attended and not had a magical and FUN time!

It was a week of collaboration, new ideas and positive energy! What was your favorite part?

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