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SkillSoft Earns Top Honors with LearnX Asia Pacific Platinum Award

By Glenn Nott, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific

SkillSoft has done it again and confirmed its title as a top training provider by being awarded the LearnX Asia Pacific Platinum Award for Best Services and Best Training Provider. Make no mistake, this is the highest training accolade for the region and is a significant highlight for all those at SkillSoft.

SkillSoft submitted a multi-media communication submission which featured key features and highlights on SkillSoft and its invaluable contribution to training and e-learning – in a platform that was engaging and innovative.

Earning such a prestigious accolade two years in a row is a testament to SkillSoft’s commitment in delivering premium products and services to its customers. SkillSoft’s submission clearly illustrates the way we marry the top technologies with the diversity and innovative courses created.

I would like to congratulate the team at SkillSoft Asia Pacific for their dedication and proven performance.

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