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Tips to Drive Learning Program Adoption Rates

By Margot Cook, Learning Strategist, SkillSoft

Recently, I had a relatively new client express concern that their learning program usage wasn’t where they expected it to be. They were just a few weeks into the program launch, and, had hoped to see more activity.Read more

Why So Low?

By Kieran King

When KnowledgeAdvisors measured SkillSoft’s scrap learning rate (the percent of learning that is not applied to the job within six weeks) at such a low level (14 percent), the question of “why so low?” naturally arises. Read more

E-Learning Effectiveness Blog Series: Delivering Learning That Lives On

E-Learning Effectiveness Blog Series: Delivering Learning That Lives On

We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from Mollie Lombardi, Research Director, Human Capital Management, at Aberdeen Group. She has surveyed and interviewed thousands of end-users to better understand the key challenges facing today’s HR and talent management leaders, as well as uncover the Best-in-Class strategies, capabilities, tools and technologies they are using to address those challenges. Read more

Leadership Skills Training Lesson: Build Purpose and Skill, then get out of the Way

By Shawn Hunter

Your brand is a lagging indicator of the quality of your culture, and your culture is driven by the level of engagement in the organization.  Quality and positive leadership is the biggest driver of the habitat and the mindsets of the people in the organization that make that engagement possible. Read more

KnowledgeBoosters: Rebuilding Trust

By Russ Howard

A few months ago, we introduced our series of KnowledgeBoosters.  These posts are skills development tips and techniques delivered in “quick hit” fashion – we know you’re busy so we want to keep them short but useful! Read more

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