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E-Learning Effectiveness Blog Series: Are Your Training Initiatives Reduced to Scraps?

By Kieran King

Do you ever wonder if your employees are using the skills that you are teaching in your training initiatives? You are not alone. Today more than ever organizations are focused on getting their money’s worth on every dollar spent on learning. One important aspect of this is ensuring that employees actually use the learning being delivered. The term “scrap learning” describes the measurable amount of training that is delivered but not successfully applied to the job. Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff, an internationally recognized expert in training evaluation and effectiveness, estimates that the scrap learning rate (the learning that is delivered but not applied by the learner) can be as high as 80%. The common scrap learning range is often between 55% to 80%.

According to a recent independent study conducted by KnowledgeAdvisors, a learning measurement software and solutions company focused on improving the effectiveness of learning, 86% of SkillSoft learners were able to apply what they learned within six weeks of the training. That means SkillSoft’s scrap learning rate was 14%—far below the norm.

Training applications

Thankfully there are ways to dramatically reduce scrap learning—ensuring the best possible ROI for your learning investment. In the coming weeks we will explore this topic more closely and offer suggestions on how to reduce scrap learning based on our experience along with insights from leading researchers in the learning space. Be sure to check back often or subscribeto the RSS feeds from the blog so you don’t miss any valuable advice. In the meantime to learn more about this topic download the complete research study, How SkillSoft Impacts the Performance of Individuals and Organizations.

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