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Have You Ever Wondered About Your “Soup?”

By Ivonne Smith

A former colleague of mine was investigating different hotels while planning a regional team meeting in Phoenix, AZ. When he called a hotel in Scottsdale, they discussed the rates, availability and all of the other standard hotel info involved with coordinating hotel details for a team meeting. At the end of the discussion, the gentleman from the hotel said, “Oh by the way, we provide our guests with homemade soup every evening at 6:00. We think you and your team would really like the soup.” With the simple mention of soup, my colleague booked the rooms. He mentioned that the soup is what differentiated this hotel from the others and was what quickly convinced him to book the rooms and send his team to this hotel.

As I heard this story, I started thinking, what is SkillSoft’s soup? What makes our customers choose us over our competitors? What makes them remain loyal to SkillSoft in competitive situations?  What makes us stand out?

While pondering these questions, I knew the obvious, that our products are sound, our offerings are innovative and we have a constant desire to provide learning solutions and tools that will help customers accomplish business success.  While this is all wonderful, I still wanted to truly understand and verbalize our “SkillSoft Soup.”  What really is our “soup?”  The answer is quite simple; our “soup” is our people.

SkillSoft is a company with a heart. We care. Our team has a personal interest in seeing our customers succeed. We are in a wonderful situation where our customer’s success equates to our success. Because of this, we have certified learning consultants assigned to each customer to work with them hand-in-hand to ensure their success.  So, if we can help our customers show more value, reduce overall learning spend, improve productivity, positively affect the bottom line and ultimate identify the L&D “soup” within our customer base, we are there and honored to be a part of the journey!

So, knowing that it’s our people that make up the SkillSoft “soup,” let’s think about your learning programs. Maybe it is time to ask yourself what is your learning “soup?” What makes your programs irresistible to your internal customers? What’s going to make them come back for more?

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