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The Social Enterprise – Learning and Communication Reimagined

We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from one of our customers, Josh Murrell, Training Network Administrator for Five Guys Burger and Fries. Josh administers and oversees the Five Guys University LMS. Five Guys currently integrates SkillSoft’s learning courses into the Five Guys University LMS to provide advanced management, leadership, and communication training for its area managers, district managers, and corporate trainers.  

By Josh Murrell

Imagine being able to keep up with what your coworkers are up to by quickly browsing status updates on your  home page. Imagine being able to instantly chat via text or even video with coworkers, or host a conference with 100 people all from the comfort of your desk. What if an employee no longer had to send out an email or pick up the phone when they have a question about something?  Instead they could  simply do a quick search that provides a variety of accurate and useful results that include documents, discussions, questions, wiki’s, videos, and even knowledge experts. Imagine that this system could integrate with Outlook, SharePoint, and other tools you already use. Imagine not being confined to using all of this on your computer, but also on your tablet computer and smart phone. What if this was something that people would be comfortable using and would enjoy using right away? Imagine no further, this is a reality today and it is available right now.

Riding the wave of social media, the way we think and function day to day is evolving. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, YouTube, and Wikipedia, people are communicating and learning in ways like never before. Facebook has more than 750 million active users and people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook! On Twitter, people are sending 200 million Tweets per day! YouTube has 2 billion views a day, 24 hours of video are uploaded every MINUTE, and the average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube. You can find a video about pretty much anything on YouTube ranging from help on your math homework to current news and announcements. Wikipedia has more than 15 million articles, which studies show, are as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica. As for search engines, we all use them religiously when we need to find information about anything in the world. This means that many people, including the people in your company, are already using social media every day. Think this is only for Gen Y? The fastest growing segment in Facebook is users over the age of 60. It is an easy way to communicate and stay informed. So why not incorporate a method that so many people are already using to learn and communicate into your business?

There are many great and affordable options out there for organizations to harness the power of social learning and communication. Implementing social media and web 2.0 technologies in your company is very easy. By adding the power of social media to your company, you will save a tremendous amount of time (and time wasted looking and waiting for information is definitely money wasted), boost awareness of everything going on in the company, and increase productivity as well as innovation. Through social learning, employees are able to learn from each other simply by searching for their answer the very same way they would do a Google search. If they have a question that has not been answered, it can be posted and answered so that everyone can benefit! There is no need to worry about extreme amounts of administrative work or policing of the site, the users do this for you. With the ability to leave ratings and reviews, you will know when something is great and when something may need to have a second look. Work groups are made easy with document sharing, instant text and video chat, discussion boards, and wikis.

Social learning is the norm in today’s social enterprise. Take a look at reimagining how your staff learns and communicates.

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