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Tips On How To Improve Adoption Rates Of Your Corporate Learning Program

Tips On How To Improve Adoption Rates Of Your Corporate Learning Program

Recently, I had a relatively new client express concern that their learning program usage wasn’t where they expected it to be. They were just a few weeks into the program launch, and, had hoped to see more activity. I’d had other clients express the same concern, wondering where their usage should be in their learning program.

Once your program is launched, here are a few tips to drive training program adoption rates:

  1. Review the success criteria for the program.
    If you haven’t defined success, criteria, work with your Learning Consultant to set the success criteria for your program.
  2. Turn your managers and executives into program champions. Review the Manager’s Toolkit on Client Community. There is a great PowerPoint presentation that can be used to position the benefits of online learning with managers and help them understand their role in the process.
  3. Create an on-going marketing strategy for the program based on the success criteria and on the business objectives.
  4. Cross-market the program. Putting links to SkillPort on multiple intranet sites. For example, if you have a portal for project managers, you could put information about using SkillSoft courses for PMP certification training and PDU’s on the Project Management intranet site.
  5. When you migrate to SkillPort 7.1, you can leverage the “share” link to promote specific resources on intranet pages.
  6. Change up the SkillPort Home Page text to promote various resources.
  7. Create targeted curricula folders in SkillPort and Bookshelves and Topic Trees in books to reflect your competencies or other key initiatives.
  8. Build learning programs to group together courses, books, videos and other resources into one program for required training such as New Hire Training or New Manager Training. Your Learning Consultant can help you build up to five learning programs per year.
  9. Review the Perspectives presentations, including slides 9-11 from Western Union’s presentation. Western Union presented some of the keys to their program successes in the presentation.
  10. Meeting to review the Learning Growth Model and the associated indicators so you understand the factors that help move a program up the scale from a business impact perspective.
  11. Set up regular meetings with your SkillSoft Learning Consultant, including Quarterly Program Reviews. Your Learning Consultant can expand on these and other best practices, and is an invaluable resource for your program.


By Margot Cook, Learning Strategist, SkillSoft

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