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Why So Low?

By Kieran King

When KnowledgeAdvisors measured SkillSoft’s scrap learning rate (the percent of learning that is not applied to the job within six weeks) at such a low level (14 percent), the question of “why so low?” naturally arises.  This is especially so when most learning efforts result in more than half scrap.

Why, well it comes down to two primary aspects of the SkillSoft solutions:

Relevance  > Targeting the Right Content to Right Learner

  • SkillSoft’s uniquely trained client-facing advisors and implementation methods ensures that learning solutions are highly targeted
  • SkillSoft’s unparalleled commitment to new releases ensures that current content is always there to help learners respond to a rapidly changing landscape

Ease of Access – Putting Learning on Tap

  • The way SkillSoft constructs its learning solutions, the 24×7 availability, and mobile access, makes accessing learning easy
  • Learners are able to extract what they need quickly for performance support and formal development of a new skill

Please join me in a webinar about scrap learning, Maximizing the ROI of Learning:  Five Techniques to Reduce “Scrap Learning,” on August 30 at 11:00-12:00pm EST, 3:00-4:00pm GMT.  To register please visit:

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