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Campus to Corporate: Preparing Recent Graduates for the “Real World”

By Russ Howard

The transition from college to a corporate environment requires a big adjustment for many graduates. Expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are very different than those in school. There are unspoken nuances and social norms that many graduates are completely unaware of and adjusting to a professional environment can be extremely challenging. Recent graduates need to be prepared for the changes and ready to adapt in order to thrive in the professional world.

At SkillSoft, we recognize the challenges faced by recent graduates. Today, we introduced a new courseware series, Campus to Corporate, created to help young professionals make the transition from college and universities into their first jobs in the “real world.” Campus to Corporate is offered through SkillSoft’s award-winning Business Skills Courseware Library, and provides recent graduates with tips and recommendations on working in a professional environment for the first time.

The first two courses in the series are Campus to Corporate: Meeting New Expectations and Campus to Corporate: Developing a Professional Image.

Campus to Corporate: Meeting New Expectations focuses on teaching young professionals what will be expected of them as new employees and giving them strategies to meet those expectations. The course teaches them how to recognize and survive corporate culture, including how to make sure they are aware of the expectations placed on them in the job and the importance of taking responsibility to meet or exceed those expectations. The course also discusses how to build professional relationships.

Campus to Corporate: Developing a Professional Image teaches the fundamentals on proper conduct and behavior as a new employee in an organization, including the basics of professionalism and how to make a good first impression. The course also covers how to develop a positive attitude at work and the fundamentals for communication in a professional environment.

Campus to Corporate courseware teaches graduates strategies for adapting their behavior and making the adjustment to professional life easier for them, as well as to ease the impact within the corporate environment.

The transition is tough; SkillSoft, through its Business Skills Courseware Library, hopes to make it a bit easier.

To learn more about SkillSoft’s Business Skills Courseware Library and specific products such as the Campus to Corporate courseware series, please visit

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