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Kenexa Embraces OLSA to Bring Learning into Talent Management

By John Ambrose

By now, you may have seen yesterday’s announcement that Kenexa will integrate its Global Talent Management solutions with SkillSoft’s learning content and SkillPort platform technology.

Under the alliance, Kenexa becomes the latest major industry partner to embrace SkillSoft’s Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA).  Using OLSA, the SkillPort LMS and content will be integrated with Kenexa’s 2xPerform to make it easy for employees to find, prescribe and consume the learning content they need based on their development plans, and simple for management to plan and track the learning for individual employees and for the entire organization.

Alliances that SkillSoft builds with platform partners like Kenexa can help organizations, especially those with extremely heterogeneous platform environments, simplify the delivery of learning content.  Over the years, OLSA has emerged as a preferred web services “connector” among Learning Management System (LMS) partners to tap into not just SkillSoft courses, but e-reference content, videos, Knowledge Centers, and other rich learning offerings.  OLSA offers a spectrum of capabilities including seamless authentication, asset launching and tracking, and data exchange.  Each platform partner’s integration approach varies based on the needs across their client-base and the desired level of experience.

Now, Kenexa will be taking advantage of OLSA in the talent management arena.  This makes great sense since Talent Management should be a key consumer of the surgical streams of learning that SkillSoft is helping deliver in organizations of all sizes.

Both companies believe that the key for organizations is to know what their workforce needs to know, what competencies they need, assess what they know today and then provide the development plan with tools, opportunities, and content to fill the gap for each individual and for the company as a whole.  OLSA opens access to the various types of content, including: formal, informal and social; eLearning and virtual instructor-led; on the job and independently pursued; as well as books and publications, etc.

Kenexa and SkillSoft will cooperate to make all of this more accessible, more natural, and more seamless as part of a holistic talent process.


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