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SkillSoft Announces SkillSoft Leadership Advantage 2.0

By Tim Hildreth

Over the past 24 -36 months we’ve seen a growing recognition among our customers and prospects that a strong leadership pipeline can be one of the keys to sustainable business advantage. Even more than that, companies that invest in talent during a downturn can achieve breakthrough results—and long term value. One of the ways that our customers are developing more robust leadership pipelines is through the application of our targeted leadership solutions including the SkillSoft Leadership Advantage. Through customer feedback and other forums such as our monthly user group, we’ve seen trends in the ways organizations implement it and that information was crucial in developing SkillSoft Leadership Advantage 2.0 with its new user interface and enhanced functionality.

What we learned:

  1. Customers are using Leadership Advantage to develop a variety of leaders within their organizations. While most are using it primarily to support their middle managers, they’re also targeting high-potentials, directors, vice presidents, and first-time managers.
  2. In some cases, Leadership Advantage serves as the main component of an organization’s leadership development initiative. More often, they’re using it to complement ILT and workshop programs and as a resource center for just-in-time performance support.
  3. Organizations are customizing Leadership Advantage to reflect their branding, culture and the naming conventions of their competencies. They’re adding company messages, documents, and rich media.  One customer incorporated videos featuring their own executives describing how they have utilized each competency within the organization.

With SkillSoft Leadership Advantage 2.0, we’ve introduced a new look and feel, enhanced search functionality, and additional navigation options to make it easier for learners to find exactly what they need at a particular moment in time. We’ve also added access to Live Events featuring some of the world’s most in-demand speakers and authors—coming events feature Daniel Pink, Teresa Amabile, and Daniel Coyle.

New options, such as the “Do You Need It” assessment and the” Fast Track” allow leaders to quickly refresh their skills in a given area, while “On The Job” provides tools to help leaders apply what they’ve learned, either in small group settings or one-on-one conversations, increasing the likelihood that they’ll put their new skills into practice.

While we’ve made some changes, we’ve kept the emphasis on brief, actionable lessons created by leaders for leaders. We’re pleased to offer compelling content from world-renown experts targeting key leadership competencies.

Overall, we’ve tried to focus on the ways customers use Leadership Advantage within their organizations and how to help them more effectively meet their leadership development needs.

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