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Books24x7 Book Review: Boost Your Memory: 52 Brilliant Ideas You Won’t Forget

By Pam Boiros, Vice President of Product Management, Books24x7

Do you struggle to remember items on your “to do” list if they are not written down? Or have a hard time putting names to faces?  From time to time most people experience memory challenges that can be mildly annoying or worse.  Given our busy modern lifestyles – with phone numbers, passwords, PIN codes, social and professional contacts — everyone needs to remember more information than ever before.  Are there ways to improve this critical skill?

Boost Your Memory: 52 Brilliant Ideas You Won’t Forget by Darren Bridger (Publisher: Infinite Ideas) seeks to do just that with dozens of small actions, tips, and hints for improving your memory, including:

  • One great way to remember names is the N.A.M.E. device (Notice, Act, Mention, Envisage).
  • Nineteenth-century British author Lewis Carroll (of Alice in Wonderland fame) had a unique method of using letters to represent numbers, in order to create memorable words.
  • While it’s widely known that smells evoke memories, learn how you can use that to your advantage.
  • At the time we learn or remember something, information is also stored about the time, place and emotional state. This additional data can help with memory triggers.

What do you think?  Read this book and let us know.  BusinessPro subscribers can access this book on Books24x7.

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