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SkillSoft: A Proud Supporter of the U.S. Army’s Commitment to Education

By Kevin Duffer, vice president, public sector for SkillSoft

Since 1996, we’ve been honored to be able to support the United States Army with quality e-learning solutions. In the past five years alone, Army users have completed more than 5.4 million courses supporting a wide range of professional development needs and resulting in significant cost avoidance.Read more

Books24x7 Book Review: Provoke: Why the Global Culture of Disruption Is the Only Hope for…

By Pam Boiros

In the novel Provoke, entrepreneur and “innovation provocateur” Linda Bernardi takes a frank and straight-forward approach to business and innovation in order to reveal some startling truths:

  • All organizations, no matter how seemingly enlightened, react to the idea of disruption with rage, fear, denial and rejection, and
  • Access to big money and the drive to build start-ups for the purpose of being acquired is destroying innovation.Read more

How Do You Design Effective Blended Learning Programs?

Analysts and industry leaders alike are all talking about blended learning and the benefits of using that approach to build a learning program. According to a study by Bersin & Associates, “more than half of all organizations now blend off-the-shelf content with custom content, and more than a third blend off-the-shelf content with live, online virtual classroom events.”

Blended learning is not just substituting in-person training with e-learning.  Read more

The Voices of Leadership

By Russ Howard

As the saying goes, “Leaders are not born, they are made” and to help organizations develop more effective leaders we are introducing our latest courseware series, The Voice of Leadership  designed to help professionals develop the necessary skills to become effective leaders.Read more

The Kindle Fire

By Jim Zimmermann

Recently, Amazon jumped into the tablet wars with its new Kindle Fire. This announcement coincided with dramatic price reductions on the rest of the Kindle product line as well as news of some new tools and services.Read more

SkillSoft Maps Out the Road Ahead

By Jeff Bond, Vice President, Product Marketing, SkillSoft

SkillSoft recently released our most recent Product Strategy Roadmap, an update that lists many of our accomplishments during the past few quarters and outlines our development plans for the next 12 months.Read more

SkillSoft Announces Complimentary Live Learning Sample Class on CCNA Exam

By Dan Young, Live Learning Director, SkillSoft

On Friday, December 2, SkillSoft is offering a complimentary Live Learning sample class on the CCNA exam led by myself and fellow Cisco Certified System Instructor Raymond Lacoste, CCNP. The sample class, “Understand the Most Difficult CCNA Exam Concepts,” will take place on Friday, December 2 at 11 a.m.Read more

TELUS Discusses the Benefits of Attending Perspectives

Networking opportunities, cross-industry collaboration and relevant session topics are just a few reasons why TELUS enjoyed Perspectives last year. Click on the video below to hear more! Perspective 2012 will take place April 30 – May 3, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.Read more

New Accessibility Standards for Ontario Employers Take Effect January 1, 2012

By Charlie Voelker, Esq. SkillSoft Legal Compliance Solution

The government of Ontario estimates that one in seven people in the province has a disability.  In 2005, the Ontario Legislative Assembly passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (“AODA”) with the goal of achieving better accessibility for all individuals with disabilities by 2025. Read more