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SkillSoft Announces Complimentary Live Learning Sample Class on CCNA Exam

By Dan Young, Live Learning Director, SkillSoft

On Friday, December 2, SkillSoft is offering a complimentary Live Learning sample class on the CCNA exam led by myself and fellow Cisco Certified System Instructor Raymond Lacoste, CCNP. The sample class, “Understand the Most Difficult CCNA Exam Concepts,” will take place on Friday, December 2 at 11 a.m. EDT. We are offering this sample class to demonstrate how effective Live Learning can be for both employees and employers.

Technology is constantly evolving. While this is good in most cases, continual change can make it difficult for IT professionals to stay up-to-date with the various certifications they need for their jobs. Even finding the time to achieve these certifications is a difficult feat, let alone trying to find a quality course that’s focused on your specific training needs.

For employers, certification training can also be a tedious process since it’s important to find a program that’s effective and fits in the corporate budget. SkillSoft’s Live Learning courses are a win-win for both parties since they give IT professionals on-the-go access to world-class instructors. Also, employers can offer their employees quality training while staying within their budget requirements.

Through SkillSoft’s Live Learning courses IT professionals can achieve the certifications critical to their job functions by providing them with comprehensive content in a convenient, online format. Also, the Live Learning virtual classroom brings together subject matter experts in a team-teaching arrangement that provides an interactive, smaller college-style session. I’ve been told numerous times by my clients how helpful SkillSoft’s program is not only with their exams but also with gaining valuable knowledge that they can apply to their careers.

In the free one-hour sample class, we will tackle difficult CCNA exam concepts and introduces attendees to powerful exam-ready approaches to subnetting calculations. In addition, attendees will receive guidelines for passing critical areas of the CCNA exam and a complimentary copy of an IT Learning Guide which provides tips for improving first time certification pass rates.

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