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SkillSoft Maps Out the Road Ahead

By Jeff Bond, Vice President, Product Marketing, SkillSoft

SkillSoft recently released our most recent Product Strategy Roadmap, an update that lists many of our accomplishments during the past few quarters and outlines our development plans for the next 12 months. The roadmap provides a clear look at our development direction so customers and prospects can make appropriate decisions for their business going forward. The Roadmap also serves as a public record of SkillSoft’s ability to set direction, define projects and deliver those efforts to completion. We believe making this track record visible earns our customers’ trust, respect and boosts their confidence in SkillSoft.

The recently released roadmap highlights the following accomplishments:

  • During the first half of this year we already released over 600 new learning products including 267 new IT and business products, 292 localized products, and 12 new Live Learning courses.
  • In February we acquired 50Lessons which added over 1,200 video business lessons featuring more than 250 recognized global business leaders to our library.
  • In June we introduced SkillSoft Leadership Advantage 2.0 with a number of major enhancements including a striking new visual design, pre and post assessments for each competency, and new features such as “FastTrack”, “Do You Need It”, “On-the-Job”, “On-the-Go”, and “Test Yourself”.
  • We announced a significant commitment to deliver a comprehensive range of over 120 learning resources in the German language.
  • We introduced SkillPort 7.2 along with a significant upgrade to our Instructor Led Training module.

The roadmap also described a number of initiatives our customers can look forward to, including:

  • A comprehensive update to the SkillPort LMS targeting the SkillPort 8 release for summer 2012.
  • Mobile support to allow customers to create and deploy their own mobile content from within SkillPort to Internet-ready devices.
  • Tablet-ready versions of some of our most popular Business Skills courses.
  • An aggressive build plan that includes over 1,200 new learning products and over 3,500 Books24x7 titles.

In this video, Jerry Nine, SkillSoft’s Chief Operating Officer, describes some of the exciting investments we’re making in our products:

The most exciting thing about our roadmap is that it continues to convey a number of new and exciting products and offerings that we believe SkillSoft will be able to bring to our customers. As always, we continue to believe that our solution rivals that of any of our competitors. We also believe our ability to define a vision and successfully execute on that vision is one of the most critical factors to our success.

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