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The Voices of Leadership

By Russ Howard

As the saying goes, “Leaders are not born, they are made” and to help organizations develop more effective leaders we are introducing our latest courseware series, The Voice of Leadership  designed to help professionals develop the necessary skills to become effective leaders.

Offered through our award-winning Business Skills Course Library, the Voice of Leadership courseware helps managers, team leaders and professionals increase their understanding of the importance for developing key leadership attributes.  Comprised of four courses, the Voices of Leadership series examines self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication and inspiration.

  • Course #1 – The Voice of Leadership: Inspirational Leadership – Do you ever wonder what people look for in an inspiring leader?  This course examines what people look for and steps through the behaviors inspirational leaders exemplify, explaining how to develop these traits. It also explores how to activate your inner greatness to become an extraordinary leader. The course matches the characteristics of inspiring leadership to real-life examples, recognizing individuals who inspire in their leadership.
  • Course #2 – The Voice of Leadership: Self-Assessment and MotivationAre you looking for ways to increase your motivation?  This course covers techniques leaders can use to carry out a self-assessment, such as reflective journaling, using surveys and checklists, and conducting 360-degree feedback. It also provides ways to increase your motivation and manage your own learning, by creating a leadership development plan that enables you to cultivate your own leadership growth.
  • Course #3 – The Voice of Leadership: Effective Leadership Communication Strategies – How does the role of communication affect your teams? Learn the role of communication in leadership and how leaders can effectively communicate their objectives.  This course highlights the appropriate leadership communication styles that can be implemented for various leadership objectives and the skills needed to achieve these objectives.
  • Course #4 – The Voice of Leadership: The Power of Leadership Messaging – How do you maintain your leadership credibility?  This course covers the leadership attributes that shape messages and explain how to establish and maintain your credibility as a leader. It also outlines the qualities that make messages clear and credible and it presents techniques that enable leaders to ethically deliver persuasive messages.

The making of a successful leader is a constant learning experience that requires self-assessment, motivation and effective communication skills.  We hope you’ll take advantage of our latest course offerings as you continue to polish your leadership skills and remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day!

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