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Decrease Time and Increase Impact with Targeted Learning

The amount of e-learning content available to learners grows every day. There are books, videos, courses, articles, and case studies that go on at length on hundreds of relevant workplace training topics. It’s no wonder that learners become overwhelmed at the variety and volume of information available to them. According to Bersin & Associates, today’s professionals, otherwise known as the “next generation” of e-learners, need targeted materials that closely align with their business goals.

What does that mean for your training program?

Learning should be relevant, shorter and available in small chunks so workers can apply information quickly and directly to their jobs. Your employees are tasked with more work and less time to do it–targeted learning allows them to make the most efficient use of their time.  Employees are always on-the-go so providing targeted selections of learning that’s accessible offline and/or via portable devices is also becoming a necessity. Being able to watch videos or read articles and ExecSummaries™ while on an airplane or train keeps learning continuous and offers your staff a way to fit training into their very busy lives.

Not sure how to leverage shorter, targeted materials?

Join the SkillSoft webinar on Targeted Learning: Bigger Results through Smaller Interventions on January 12, at 11:00 a.m. EST. Two SkillSoft product gurus will show you how to design a curriculum using shorter assets or portions of longer assets so your employees learn faster and more efficiently. In particular, our LMS has a feature that allows you to take a selection of a bigger asset such as a book, and incorporate the shorter, targeted piece into your learning program.

Join this webinar to understand how to:

  • Leverage the power of shorter assets
  • Use technology to focus on parts of longer assets
  • Blend assets to create powerful programs, delivered in less time
  • Extend your reach with mobile learning

Click here to register and learn more. All attendees will receive our Guide to Targeted Learning, a tool to help you apply targeted learning techniques at your organization.

Tell us about the types of targeted e-learning solutions you use at your organization? Do they align with job responsibilities?

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