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How To Improve First Time IT Certification Exam Pass Rates

How To Improve First Time IT Certification Exam Pass Rates

Skillsoft recently released 10 tips for organizations to help employees improve their first time IT certification exam pass rates. The 10 tips breakdown key areas employers should focus on to help their employees through the IT certification exams process all while preparing them for success come exam time.

Managing several certifications for a group of individuals is an extremely complex and time-consuming task to administer and track. Skillsoft’s 10 tips are designed to eliminate these challenges by making the IT certification process more uniform, flexible and structured across the organization.

10 Tips to Improve IT Certification Exam Pass Rates:

  1. Get managers involved;
  2. Make sure that the training is effective, complete and current;
  3. Provide ongoing communication and encouragement;
  4. Make sure help and quick answers are available;
  5. Provide flexible learning options;
  6. Blend formal and informal (on-demand) learning resources;
  7. Provide a structured program to support IT learners;
  8. Hold learners accountable;
  9. Prepare for the actual test experience and
  10. Track the certification process and optimize the results over time.

Skillsoft offers a variety of IT certification solutions through its award winning ITPro collection which provides unlimited access to trusted content covering a variety of technology topics. IT KnowledgeCenters is a pre-packaged, user-friendly learning portal that makes it fast and easy for learners to take advantage of topic-oriented content. Skillsoft’s Online Mentors program provides learners with access to a network of professionals who have successfully completed IT certifications and can offer the guidance and support needed in preparing for exams. Finally, Live Learning offers traditional instructor-led training by bringing technical experts to the learner’s computer.

Justin Cole, technical analyst for FedEx Services, participated in Skillsoft’s Live Learning classes to prepare for his CCNA certification exam. He found the support vital to his passing the exam on the first try.

“There is no way I could have scored as well as I did on the certification exams without taking Skillsoft’s Live Learning courses,” said Cole. “The instructors made the material easy to understand, and they even give me tips and shortcuts to complete the scenarios that were given in the exams. They not only prepared me for the exams, but they also helped me gain knowledge that I put to use in my career after the first day of classes and have been using them ever since.”

Skillsoft’s Live Learning courses give IT professionals access to world-class instructors with years of industry experience on their own schedules right at their desktops or laptops. For employers, they can get more employees trained within their training budgets, while ensuring they are receiving the training they need to do their jobs.


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