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A Well Trained Organization is a Successful Organization

In today’s economy, well trained employees are the catalyst to a successful organization. Some of the most widely used skills that we apply to everyday life – listening, problem solving and negotiation, just to name a few – are also key workplace competencies that can help employees be more than an extension of an organization but also a strategic business differentiator.

To help support organization’s employee training initiatives, SkillSoft today introduced a new flexible competency based learning solution – SkillSoft Professional Advantage.  SkillSoft Professional Advantage delivers targeted blended learning assets for non-managerial professionals because professional development is not just for managers – employees of all levels need to develop their skills throughout their careers.

SkillSoft Professional Advantage offers multiple modes of expert instruction using text, video and interactive practice activities, which are designed to keep learning quick, easy, and engaging. Content elements include videos, book summaries, and a range of other learning tools that can be downloaded and synched to popular mobile devices – giving professionals the ability to learn on the go.

Be sure to check back throughout the year, SkillSoft will be adding up to 25 learning tracks, focusing on Communication Foundations, Personal Effectiveness, Business Acumen, Advanced Business Communication, Career Management and Thinking Skills.

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