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By Molly Scholes

An important challenge many organizations face is how to create a meaningful learning strategy that is aligned to strategic business initiatives and impacts performance.  Business impact should be the most important goal for any type of learning intervention offered to employees.  In order to impact the business, learning must be targeted, relevant and often – quick!  SkillSoft can help your organization design this type of learning program with various tools and services.

Content Mapping

As a SkillSoft customer, your organization likely has access to thousands of learning assets including courses, books, videos, job aids, simulations, leadership tracks, and more!

It’s an overwhelming task to think about reviewing all of these resources to find the specific content that is most applicable for your program objective.  Let SkillSoft identify the most applicable resources for your organization based on a competency or business initiative.  SkillSoft will map the most relevant learning resources to up to 60 business skills competencies or initiatives once annually at no charge.

Here’s a common example where SkillSoft can make a difference in how your organization promotes impactful learning.  Many organizations have a set of organization-wide competencies or behaviors they expect from their employees and often measure them against these competencies using a performance process.  Common organization-wide competencies include:  teamwork, communication, trust, business execution, etc.  If you provide this list of competencies and the related descriptions, SkillSoft will map learning resources to those topics.  Once you receive the mapping from SkillSoft, a best practice is to review the list and verify the learning resources are appropriate for your organization and culture.  After that quick review, you’ll have a list of resources to promote within your organization.  Your SkillSoft Learning Consultant can provide additional recommendations regarding marketing materials and promotion strategies so you can make learners aware of the targeted learning.

Universal Competency Tool

Another fantastic resource SkillSoft makes available at no charge on the Client Community is the Universal Competency Tool (UCT), which identifies learning assets for specific competencies in a number of job families.  The UCT presents fifty-eight business competencies commonly recognized in the models adopted by today’s high performance organizations.  Your organization may name or define your competencies in slightly different terms; it is likely, however, that you will find many behavior statements that closely approximate your own definitions.  When you identify the competencies and behaviors that align with your own organizational model, you will immediately have relevant content recommendations from SkillSoft.  Subject matter experts, business stakeholders or training managers can make final selections by reviewing hyperlinked course descriptions to find the most appropriate learning assets.


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