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Save Time and Money: Tips for Using SkillSoft Blended Learning Resources

By Molly Scholes

Business Stakeholder to L&D Team:  “My team needs to brush up on time management skills.  I’m having a team meeting in two weeks and I’d like to include this topic on the agenda for an hour.  Would you be able to pull together a presentation and cover this during my meeting?”

L&D Team:  “Unfortunately our team is already working on several other projects.  It would take our instructional designer at least a day or two to pull together a great one hour session for you.  If I use a contractor or purchase something for you, it could be expensive.”

Business Stakeholder to L&D Team:  “I didn’t realize you’d need that much notice.  Maybe next time…”

If you’re like most L&D organizations, this scenario is common.  You receive too many requests and don’t have enough time or money to meet every need.  No one likes saying “no” or “maybe later” to a request that will help drive immediate employee performance.  If you take advantage of the newly released SkillSoft Blended Learning Resources you won’t have to!  They’re perfectly suited to handle a request like this one and many others.

SkillSoft’s Blended Learning Resources serve as enhancements to SkillSoft’s existing business courses and each includes:

  • Set of PowerPoint slides presenting the core instructional content on the key learning objectives in each course
  • Tools and activities for the presenter/facilitator including practice, reflect and discussion questions
  • For selected courses, a detailed User Guide to assist managers/facilitators on how to leverage the tools and activities

Topics include widely relevant subjects such as time management, problem solving, internal customer service, working with difficult people, managing virtual teams and much more!

Here are some tips for leveraging these ready-to-use resources to facilitate blended learning within your organization:

  • Familiarize yourself with the topic coverage.  One hundred SkillSoft courses contain blended learning resources.  You can access the full list of topics from the Client Community.
  • Check out the resources.  Launch any of the 100 business skills courses that include blended learning resources and then click on the “resources” tab.  From there, you will see all of the resources to enable blended learning.  I think the PowerPoints and facilitator guides are turn-key.  A manager/facilitator can be ready to present on a topic with very short notice.
  • Consider adding context about the topic relevant to your organization.  Relevancy is what makes learning effective. If you’re going to use the materials on a particular topic, add some bullet points about how the content applies within your organization.
  • Think virtual.  These resources are not only applicable for a physical classroom/in-person meeting environment, but they can also be used very easily in a virtual meeting setting.  They’re short and to the point – with questions to help generate discussion.
  • Promote the availability of the resources.  It’s likely that in many areas of your organization, employees are spending valuable time trying to address a training need.  If topic coverage is already available – why recreate the wheel?  Make sure managers, and especially all training and development employees are aware of these valuable SkillSoft materials.

I encourage you to reach out to your Learning Consultant to discuss how your organization can take full advantage of the newly released SkillSoft Blended Learning Resources.  We look forward to hearing your stories about saving time and money by using these materials.

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