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The Perspectives Experience: Not Your Typical Vendor Conference

We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from one of our customers, Sarah Cooper, LMS analyst for Waste Management, Inc. Sarah uses SkillSoft’s KnowledgeCenters to help engage learners at Waste Management with a different approach to learning. Today, she is sharing her thoughts on SkillSoft’s Annual Perspectives User Conference.

By Sarah Cooper, LMS Analyst, Waste Management, Inc.

Vendor conferences can have one of two outcomes; good or bad. Perspectives is not good or bad, it is outstanding!

Last year I had the opportunity as a customer of SkillSoft to attend the Perspectives conference. Only knowing about the services that our company had in place, I was unsure what this conference would offer, and how it could benefit our team. Prior to the conference, SkillSoft posted the agenda for the conference along with all the sessions they were going to offer. I was shocked. There were so many other products and solutions that SkillSoft offered, and I had no idea. Along with the sessions pertaining to their products, SkillSoft also lined up well-known, influential keynote speakers. Among last years, keynote speakers were Jeanne Meister and Tim Sanders. Both speakers gave outstanding presentations. Tim Sanders spoke about continuous learning, emotional intelligence and discussed his book Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power of Total Confidence. Jeanne Meister’s presentation centered on the 2020 workplace and how all generations will be together in the workspace. She also spoke about her book The 2020 Workplace. Both speakers were engaging, insightful, and I personally gained insight on topics that I had never sat and thought about, and came home with more books to read!

So now that you have been briefed on what the agenda held, I want to change gears and talk about the people you meet. At Perspectives, I did not meet a stranger. Anyone representing SkillSoft was pleasant, accommodating and always willing to talk. I had a great time getting to interact with our SkillSoft account manager outside of our office and meeting other people that she worked with.

Meeting and talking with other people who use SkillSoft products is always beneficial. I was able to meet so many different people and learn how they utilize SkillSoft’s products in their work force. Because of the interaction with other SkillSoft customers and learning how they best utilized their products and services, our team was able to come back from the conference with numerous ideas on how we could better leverage SkillSoft products. Since Perspectives, our team has met with another local company to see how they worked with SkillSoft to cater their product to their employees, and by doing so; we are now trying to see how we could implement something similar.

In the end, our team was able to implement more products that SkillSoft offered, and we have seen a significant increase in utilization to the new products we have purchased. Ultimately, we have aligned the products to better suit our employee needs. So this year, as we prepare to attend Perspectives we are brainstorming what’s next for our group and how we can better improve year over year using the products SkillSoft has to offer.

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Perspectives 2012 will take place April 30 – May 3, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. To register for Perspectives 2012 visit:


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